Southern Africa Cape Buffalo taken by Ricardo E. Longoria with a 81# @29" Black Wolf Longbow, shooting Forgewood arrows made by Ray Perkins with STOS broadheads. The 1073 grain arrows got complete penetration on this buffalo taking out ribs on impact and exit.












Ricardo E. Longoria with Giraffe taken with 66# @28" Black Wolf Longbow using 725 gr. Forgewood arrows and Magnus broadheads.
1999 Greater Kudu Land, Africa











Jack B. Harrison with Javelina taken with 62" Lobo (take down) Longbow 50# @ 28" and 625 gr. Forgewood arrows and Magnus broadheads.













Ricardo E. Longoria with Warthog using a Black Wolf bow and 725 gr. Forgewood arrows, Magnus broadheads.
1999 at Greater Kudu Land, Africa










Ricardo E. Longoria shown with Gemsbok, taken with Black Wolf bow and Forgewood arrows.





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