Raft Trip, South Central Alaska
(Rifle Hunt)


Jack Harrison 50" Moose taken with Black Wolf Longbow
SteveTanner 60" Moose taken with 375HH
Northern Alaska








Fall colors in Alaska











As an old Tlinget Indian once said, "Meat ain't meat unless it's in the pot!" "Too bad I had to use a 113 year old rifle to collect this 70 inch bull moose, instead of a longbow. It was unnecessary; but it was fun to shoot it with my 500/450 No. 1 English double rifle made back between 1889 and 1892.










New World Record Moose (SCI and P&Y) taken by Randy Huff with a 58# Siberian Wolf using wood arrows he made himself and Zwickey Broadheads. (Sept. 98) Tom Elias showing off antlers is 6' 2" tall and the rack is 83" across.
South Central Alaska







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